Early Expansion

Henry and Richard shared responsibilities for the New York offices with alternating two-week schedules. Both had families and neither wanted to move to New York, so they decided to sell the New York City operation. The two CPAs who wanted to buy their New York business could not meet their asking price, so the CPAs agreed to pay the Bloch’s $10,000, along with royalties. The H&R Block franchise network was born.

In January 1957, H&R Block opened franchise offices in Columbia, Mo., and Topeka, Kan. A year later, the company opened franchise offices in Des Moines, Iowa; Oklahoma City and Little Rock, Ark.

By 1962, the company had 206 offices and nearly $800,000 in revenues. In that year, H&R Block became a public company with a $300,000 offering of 75,000 shares ($4 per share).

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