Modified Diesel Performance Perth Products

Modified Diesel Performance Perth-based company specializing in bespoke performance, aftermarket diesel tuning, and factory tune-ups. We are the tuners for the masses, providing precision tuned motors, induction kits, camshafts, exhausts, fuel management, steering and suspension for any billet motor. With our highly qualified and experienced team, there is nothing that we won’t do to give your vehicle that best possible performance.” Richard Whittaker, Owner & Manager

The Best High-Performance Motors and Cambers in the Country

modified diesel performance perth

“We at Modified Diesel Performance are committed to building some of the best high-performance motors and cambers in the country, with an emphasis on high power and great value. Our customers range from the small billet motor modification project to custom tuning and race day packages. We also provide aftermarket solutions for our customers too, ensuring that they can fully utilise their billet motor with the appropriate software. With a multitude of tuning options, it should be easy to find something for your vehicle. We take our customer’s wishes very seriously and build each and every engine to their exact specification.” Graham Coates, Head of Product Development

“We are a leading performance parts manufacturer of billet motor components. Our products are designed by world class engineers and are backed by over ten years of experience. When it comes to speed, dependability and quality, our products are second to none.” Mike Taylor, Manager of Product Development. “This is a really good company to deal with if you are looking to upgrade your billet motor with aftermarket performance parts.” David Jameson, Australia’s leading tuning and performance parts retailer.

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