Tattoo Studio London

Tattoos are a very personal thing, and you can never go wrong with a traditional-looking best tattoo shop London. Morgan Myers is an accomplished artist who has been working as a tattoo artist for seven years. Born in Philadelphia, Morgan learned the craft from his mother, who used to get her tattoos when she was very young. After moving to Europe, Morgan Myers apprenticed in an underground shop in South Korea and then Berlin. When she came to live in London, she settled at Sacred Art, where she got her first job in the capital. She realised she wanted to open her own shop and designed it around a Manhattan experimental art gallery.

Tattoo Studio London – The Best Tattoo Shop in London

The tattoo studio is home to a number of famous artists, including the renowned Nikole Lowe from “London Ink”. The studio has sixteen resident artists, and many of them are renowned for their unique styles. They combine traditional with modern techniques to create tattoos with attention to detail. While these artists don’t accept new clients just yet, they have a waiting list until March 2020. You might want to make an appointment early to avoid disappointment.

The tattoo artists in the South City Market are hand-picked by the owner. They are all experienced and professional, and they provide the perfect atmosphere for tattoos. Good Times is located in Shoreditch and features windows and some of the world’s most popular artists, such as Nikole Lowe from “London Ink”. Nick Horn, Miles Monaghan, Hannah Keuls, and Grace Neutral are among the famous names who have been at Good Times. Their work is truly original, and they give their customers the kind of personal attention they deserve.

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